Jade Madrigal Mora

Frontend Developer

Work Experiences

  • Fimad CG


    Puebla, México

    On August 11, 2016 I founded 'Fimad Consulting Group' with a group of friends, we develop web pages, apps and digital content for bussiness in México and around the world.

  • Vmas Ideas

    Frontend Developer

    Puebla, México

    Vmas Ideas offers digital solutions through marketing and design, my main tasks there were to develop web pages and creating animated videos for social media.

  • Watergush

    Full stack Developer

    Puebla, México

    In Watergush we develop interactive fountains, water screens, splashpads and administrative software between other things.

    My main role here is creating software to operate the fountains and developing digital tools to solve specific problems in many kind of fields.


High school

I.P.M. Dr. John J. Spark
2009 - 2012

I graduated as a computer technician.

Interaction Designer and Animator JD

Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla
2012 - 2016

During this period I was on college, got my degree on August 2016.

English Certification

Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla
2012 - 2013

I certificated english lenguage with a score of 590 (TOEFL) on college.

Professional Skills

Top Skills

Frontend Development


Unity (C#)

Other Skills

HTML 5 Bootstrap Socket.io NodeJs Jquery AngularJS MySQL CSS 3 MongoDB Linux C/C+ C# Spanish English


Fimad CG
(Personal Project)



Casa Oaxaca

(Platform game)

Fluffy Helpers
(Platform game)

Social Media

Space Invaders

(Global game jam 2017)

Corona de Corazones
(Crown of hearts)

Luminos Global

Cholula pyramid

Bulla MX

Serdan Brothers
(AR Museum App )

Latitud 18

Garcia Mallitz


Aquelarre of Games

Grupo Masterking

Marisa Tattoo

Casa Oaxaca

Cazador de Fantasmas
(Ghost hunter)

ST. Andrew school

Héroes Discapacitados
(Disabled Heroes)

Revolución Mexicana
(Mexican Revolution)

Maya Rift
(Global game jam 2016)



About me

Graduated from "Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla" in 2016 as an Interaction designer and Animator.

I'm a geek, a videogame lover who also listens to Taylor swift songs all the time :)


City: Puebla, México

Email: jade_tu_amiga@hotmail.com

Phone: +52 921 27 61 402

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